Quick Update

February 24, 2009

I’m home from work today, getting ready for clinical tonite. This semester has been so crazy that I haven’t had a chance to write a thing.
I did well on my first exam– a B average overall– which is all I could hope and dream of in Nursing 3.
I’ve had some challenging patients in clinical, though I feel that it isn’t nearly as hard as last semester. Maybe I’m finally getting the swing of things?
I’m actively looking for a second job for summer weekends… I know, i’m crazy, but I really want to get my foot in the door NOW, even if it’s weekend nightshifts all summer long (oh wow– that sounds SOOO much worse than I thought it would…) But, to have experience in the hosptial of my choice PRIOR to graduation would really help me get a job. To have experience in the NICU, nursery, or L&D in the hospital of my choice prior to graduating would be amazing. So I guess my social life suffers.
**I promise one day it will all be worth it*


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