January 26, 2009

I’m not doing so hot on my Math this semester. Since it’s Nursing 3 they upped the ante again, and my lil brain is having trouble keeping up. They gave us Nursing 2 Math exam on the first day, for shits and giggles i guess, and i scored a 90, but now that these questions are getting harder I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get the 80% i need to pass.

So i ask myself..




  1. You know what, reading a few of your entries, it’s made me realise how crap my maths is, but I’m worried about how I haven’t utilised my maths in ages! I haven’t had a maths related lecture/exam/anything since the middle of last year. Is there some sort of compulsory maths module in each semester or year?

    • OMG Nursing School is crazy about Math– it’s easy Math, and if you don’t get it, they’ll tudor you, but there is a lot of it. Every semester we have to take a math exam and get at least and 80 (it gets harder each semester). Also, there are always some Math questions on the exams too. It’s good to know tho, bc you need to know it in the hosptial (hospitals in NJ will test you every year too!). Theres a book you can get that teaches it all.. Dimensional Analysis (5th edition I think). Don’t worry, it’s really the LEAST of work in Nursing School!

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