My Juvenile Sense of Humor– Poor Wording

January 24, 2009



OK- I LOVE this pic and here’s why:

1. Daley( right) looks like he’s deeply disgusted by the taint.

2. Obama looks like he’s sniffing the taint.

3. Blagojevich (left) has that semi-surprised, uncomfortable look on his face that echo’s faces seen in proctologist’s offices everywhere (i assume), as thought someone indeed is fumbling around by his taint.


**Please do not take this as political slander or whatever. It’s just a good headline with some funny faces, that I couldn’t help to pass up!



  1. Thanks for your comment! I answered you abck there, but figured I”d check out your blog. YOu have a great blog BTW! Will have to peruse it a little more thoroughly when I catch up on my studies! My program doesn’t allow Crocs, and usuallY i haven’t been a fan…but I love the pair you showed me! Thanks!

    Happy studying! Where are you at in your schooling? I’m just in my second semester. My program is not accredited, and I am applying for transfer to another CC program that is.

    • I’m in CC in NJ, just starting my 3rd semester (Nursing 3). Im sure if you search around you will find an accredited school.
      And a word on Crocs– they are ugly as sin– but mine are decently comfy so I’ll see how it works out. My professor swore by the Dansko (?) ones, but with a price tag of around $110, my wallet said no way!

  2. Where in NJ? My husband’s from Yardville, Hamilton Township, near Trenton. If you’d rather answer that question by email: Krysanthemom2@yahoo.com

  3. Thats ok- no email needed, i can be somewhat vague and answer that. I am in Northern NJ- Morris and Essex areas, so nowhere near Trenton– never even been! Tho i am sure I know alot of the same shore points ur husband does! Ask him if he’s a Seaside, Belmar, or Point Pleasant fan!

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