Make THIS a Goal for New Years.. (it’s the easiest resolution you’ll ever make)

December 20, 2008

This is one of the simplest ways to help a cause EACH AND EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

(In 10 mins today, I managed to donate 2080 pieces of rice, and 20 pieces of kibble)

Just click on the link below and answer the trivia question, and 10 pieces of dog food will be donated to shelter dogs.


Think it’s too small of a thing to make a difference?

If you click on the website and answer the trivia every day for a year, you will donate 3650 pieces of dog food to a great cause. If you have your spouse do it as well (I’ve asked my boyfriend to do this from his computer too) the two of you can donate 7300 pieces of food.

Want to do do even more?

The shelter cats get hungry too! Donate 10 pieces of kibble a day to shelter cats too!



And finally, PayPal and Credit donations of any denomination are accepted as well. Did I mention that this site was developed and is run by a 12-year-old girl? How cool is that!??!

In the mood for something a little bit harder?

Perhaps want to help some of the two-legged creatures?

Click below and donate rice to hungry people around the world!






Ok– so let’s recap. In less than 1 minute, you can donate food to both cats and dogs…

If you have 5 mins or so, you can donate to dogs, cats, and humans around the world!

And you probably thought that you wouldn’t be able to make a difference this year!


Best Wishes in 2009



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