Busy Bee

November 12, 2008


Just thought I’d post an update for everyone on what the hell I’ve been doing.

Nursing School is going fabulous, though it is definately kicking my butt some. My grades are all B’s, which is fabulous, except for one D on a TAPS exam. It was on part of the first exam, and I’ve spending all semester now trying to pull my grade back up. But what can you do?

My lil sister got married in September. She looked so beautiful and it was a wonderful ceremony, held outside when it was still 70 degrees. Congrats Candice!

My birthday came and went. I am another year older, perhaps wiser too…IDK. As you already know, my B.F. got me a wonderful lil laptop that I adore. It goes everywhere with me. It’s perfect for carrying to school and to type up notes on at home, when i just wanna snuggle in my bed. Also works well at B.F.’s house. Did I mention that I LOVE it?!

I moved back to my parent’s house. I was ashamed that I could not manage to live on my own anymore, but now that i’ve been there for a few weeks, i’m starting to feel better about it. Between work and school, i’m really only there in passing. On most days, I leave around 6:30am, and come back somewhere between 9:30pm and midnight, so I’m not there long enough for them to annoy me (and vice versa, I hope!). It’s only a temporary move to save money and help get me though Nursing School. I’m hoping to buy a house soon after I graduate.

I hit a deer. Yea, a big one. F*&$d up my car really bad. I plan on writing a post dedicated to that topic in the near future tho, so no more details now…

As far as school is going, i officially have less than 5 weeks left (YAY!) in Nursing 2. I have completed 2 exams, 4 quizzes, 2 careplans, 2 teaching plans, an OR Report (i got to scrub in on a laparoscopic hernia repair), and a communication paper. I’ve sat through about 20 lectures, had skills testing, and math testing, and plenty of things that I’m just forgetting. I’ve screwed up in clincal a lot. I’ve loaded IV Piggybacks wrong, distributed meds in the wrong cups, forgotten to get report, forgotten to check med scripts, gotten lost in the hosptial, and had plenty of “difficult” patients.

There have been good times too. I’ve helped numerous patients, correctly done IV Piggybacks (you NEVER make a mistake in clinical twice), hung TPN, given sub-q’s, juggled up to 3 patients, done report correctly each week, got to sit in on an amazing surgery, and had an awesome time doing all of it.

I have 3 exams left (one this Monday, one in Dec, and a cumulative final), one care plan, one wound paper, and 2 quizzes. I only have 3 weeks of hand-on time left at the hospital.

SO, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to this semester, that pretty much encompasses it. I haven’t really seen my friends (i’m sure some of them don’t know that i’m still alive), i haven’t gone out at all (i officially have NO drinking tolerance left), and i spend very little time with my B.F. (this makes me sad). To break it down easily, i spend 40% of my time at work, 45% of my time at or studying for school, 5% of time with my B.F. and the other 10% of my time sleeping.


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