Not-so-patiently waiting

October 13, 2008

My boyfriend bought me a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 for my birthday!!

My new "baby dell"

My new baby dell

My birthday was weeks ago, but unfortunately they keep emailing him and pushing back the date of arrival! Somewhere around the 1st and 2nd week post-birthday, I was harassing him about what it was I was getting (this was a DAILY conversation we had), and amidst the anger of having the gift delayed yet again, he accidentally slipped and told me he was having issues with Dell’s horrible customer service.

He was SO upset he slipped… and I was SO happy knowing that I was going to the recipient of a brand new “baby dell”. This was perhaps the best birthday present I have ever received (and I’ve received quite a few in my 28 years…)

So now I’m playing the waiting game. At first it wasn’t so bad, but now it’s becoming torture. I have pictures of my “baby” online to drool over, and just today I bought her a case to keep her warm and safe.

So Shiny!

I’ll let you know when she gets here!


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