Week 2: A Proud Moment in Mechanics, of all things

September 10, 2008

So it’s already week 2 of nursing 2. Everything’s going really well and I haven’t fallen behind yet (which is really quite impressive for me). But last night I got a HUGE sense of pride in something that I thought that I new nothing about. Apparently, after 27 years, I’ve finally picked up my father’s mechanical ability.


I walked out of class with a couple classmates, and when I was walking to my car I heard this awful noise coming from a car across the parking lot. It was making that “I’m choking but I refuse to turn over and actually start” noise. I’m sure you’ve all heard it.



I figured it was most likely Sarah, so I drove over the other side of the parking lot and pulled up beside her. This girl had like a 1989 Integra, with 340,000 miles on it, no joke. She was sitting in it, window down, car obviously off, looking extremely frustrated.


From what little I know about cars, and from the fact my first care was 1983 Honda Prelude which also gave me a lot of issues, I told her


“Your car is probably not fuel injection, try pumping the gas pedal for a bit while you start it.”



Whala! It took a few seconds to turn over, but it did. She looked so happy, and told me she was so thankful that I came over to help. And I’m thinking, WTF? I helped fix a car?!?! It felt SO good!




Afterwards, I immediately called my dad and told him about what happened. He joked and told me his mechanical skills finally wore off on me. And that he was proud I could help fix a car.


OK, so maybe it wasn’t the same as putting my head under the hood or anything, but I helped the girl drive home safe. That’s gotta count for something.


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