All about Me

August 28, 2008


I found this on “Student Nurse Jack’s” page, and decided i’d give it a go.


1) What were you doing 10 years ago?


Oh man, was that 1998? Haha. I was a carefree Junior in high school. My biggest worry was whether I could pass my driving test. And, alas, I failed the first time around. I thought I was going to go to college, be rich, and get married and have lots of children, all before 30. Damn, i was SO wrong!


2)What are the five things at the top of your “to do” list?

(I’m assuming this means something a little more exciting than my daily ‘to do’ list…)

a) Graduate nursing school, and get a good job
b) Get out of debt
c) Get a house
d) Get marriede) Raise a family


3) What are five foods you enjoy?


a) Sushi

b) Pizza
c) Turkey Sandwiches
d) Good Salads
e) Cheese!


 4) Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.


I would buy a townhouse in Melborune, Aus and travel their often. I would buy a nice house, pay off all my bills, and quit my job. I would be a full-time student. I would start a family sooner.


5) Name some places you have lived:


 I actually did a semester in my undergrad (well, FIRST degree), in Australia. I loved it.

Other than that, i’ve lived in like 5 different places in NJ.

6) Name some bad habits you have.


I am a big procrastinator. Actually, just yesterday I read what was expected of me for this semester (which starts this coming Tuesday).

 I am not too great of a speller, and my typing consists of more ‘backspacing’ than actually going forward (I ‘backspaced’ about 10 times while writing that sentence).

I smoke (but am always trying to quit), don’t always eat what I should, and need major motivation to exercise.

I like to be super lazy in my free time.


7) Name some jobs you’ve had.

I’ve worked in a lot of places. I had a job at Shoprite as a cashier; I have worked at a greesy food hut at a local amusement park; I have been a “Big Sister” in D.Y.F.S, tutored in a ritzy summer program, and spent several years working with the mentally disabled. I am currently an operator on conference calls, and a stressed out student.




One comment

  1. so in other words, you still work with the mentally disabled

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