Cooking Lesson #1: All Oils are NOT Created Equally

July 10, 2008
 For My Baby, Whose Birthday Cake I Ruined Last Night …   
Olive Oil       


Olive Oil Versus Vegetable Oil? On WikiAnswers


 According to the “Most Commonly Asked Questions about Olive Oil” there are three differences between olive oil and vegetable oil.

Taste – this is obvious as olive oil has flavour where vegetable oils are bland. I personally prefer it in my salad dressing.

Nutrition – olive oil has more monounsaturated fat. It also has no cholestrol.

Production – vegetable oil is processed in industrial production using petroleum based solvents to extract it. The oil must then be refined to remove impurities which also removes any flavour, colour or nutrients. Olive oil is pressed straight from the fruit keeping taste, nutrients or vitamins.

Vegetable Oil

So what happened is I was rushing around and didn’t bother to read the instructions about needing Vegetable Oil. So I told my bf that Olive Oil would work just fine. *Confession* I have no clue if this is true.  When we went to lick the batter it tasted a little weird, but figured it would probably bake up fine. It did not– def one of the grossest cakes I have ever tried!






So Honey, I’m sorry for your cake, but at least we both got a good laugh. I love you.

Why H.B.? Happy Birthday wasn't gonna fit!

Why H.B.? Happy Birthday didn't fit!





  1. that was great anyway. lets try making chicken parm with peanutbutter!!

  2. oh man.. that was the best cake ever

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