My Happy Little Aquarium

July 5, 2008

One December day, before I had the hectic lifestyle of being a full-time office employee and student nurse thrust upon me, I decided that I wanted a fish tank. My boyfriend had no idea what to get me for Christmas and it was too early in the relationship to ask for anything “sparkley”, so I decided a small, 5-gallon fish tank would be cool.


A few months and countless guppy deaths later, I had a tank with 5 happy Danios. I decided that all I needed was an algae eater to clean the tank some, and bought what I thought would be my final fish, a Pleco.


Well anyone who knows anything about aquariums knows what happened next…the Pleco outgrew the tank. So suddenly, mid-semester in nursing school hell, I was buying a 29-gallon tank to try to accommodate one damn fish (whom I really do love very much). With the extra room in the tank, I was able to purchase some of the fish I had wanted but never had room for. I literally stumbled upon these adorable Balloon Ram Cichlids, whom I had never heard of anywhere, and they are now tied with Plecs as my favorites. I also got another Danio, along with 2 Dwarf Gouramis whom are a little too boring for me. Anyway…



Sometimes it’s a lot of work to care for; like when I come home exhausted after work and need to do a water change or I need to run out to the store for zucchini for Plecs because I ran out. But, I do enjoy it. The fish are the only pets I have in my apartment, and I love coming home to them.









So, as any proud “mommy” would, I decided to show off my little guys. Hope you enjoy!


*Click on photos to enlarge


The orginal Danios, zipping around


 My Ballon Rams, Spike and Spikette, playing tag


 A lone Danio




My man Plecs, with Spike and a Danio



Spike, a Dwarf Gourami, and a Danio


Plecs cleaning the Tiki wall for me


Plecs eating his algae wafer


 Spike pecking, trying to get a nibble







  1. peck peck

  2. Hey! I only just now got your email (who’s a slacker?…) Both are a-ok with me 🙂 Thanks for asking!

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